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Here you can find information about how to use Thelio to the max. 

Help Menu - if subscribed, send  help to see the available commands & features on WhatsApp.

AI Chat - chat with Thelio, get answers on & discuss any topic of your choice. You could ask general knowledge questions or simply let Thelio write a tricky email for you. Thelio keeps a memory of the conversation to understand the context of your subsequent questions. The memory resets every 5 minutes.

Live Updates - to use the LiveGPT engine, which browses and powers GPT-4 with real-time information from the web, just ask for any update that requires real-time data e.g. "latest US finance news".

Article Link - send any web article link to get what you need out of the article e.g. "provide the main points of this article".

Youtube Link - send any YouTube video link to get what you need out of the video transcript e.g. "summarize this shark tank episode".

PDF File - send any PDF file (Note: Make sure to send the PDF file *without a caption*). You can then send a WhatsApp reply message to your sent PDF to prompt it.

Send Feedback - send us feedback by starting the message with  feedback/  followed by telling us what you like or what you think needs improvement, e.g. "feedback/ thelio you are awesome!"

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