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  1. General: Thelio offers a subscription to customers to unlock monthly messaging with a fair usage policy listed below. 

  2. Subscribe: to subscribe to our service, go to Thelio WhatsApp service and after the 5 message free trial, you'll receive a request to subscribe. You can also subscribe straight away by clicking the subscribe button on this page.

  3. Price: Currently only one subscription plan (Thelio Plus) is available at GBP 5.99 a month. We are considering additional tiers at a later stage. 

  4. Usage: In the Thelio Plus subscription plan, you have unlimited monthly messages including all the productivity add-ons.

  5. Cancellations: You can stop your subscription anytime by going to our customer portal. You will need to enter the email address you used at checkout when subscribing to the service in order to login.

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